Friday, June 22, 2012

violent majority

Bobby Vaccarelli and I drove up to the East Village in a pre-911 world to see Suicide Party at Brownies on Avenue A. Previously, whilst seeing David Lee Roth with my Mom at Tradewinds, I found an Advantix camera on the floor. Thousands of hot pics later, it died. But not before Big Jim Nastic spit right in my eye from behind his drums during a fast song, I assume for taking flash photos during a Hardcore show instead of slamming spiked punks in the pit. At the end of their set, he called us all a bunch of fuckin' idiots too! It took me months to figure he was talking to me, rather than the other ten people there like I thought. There was actually no pit. New York is soft, and you know positivity ain't about that. Here's Side B, which includes a Negative Approach cover. This was burned on a CD recorder, also before 911. The recorder has since shit the bed as well, of course.
This is Big Jim's brother (and my favorite dude) WiLL with Hippie Jenny, whose brother ain't so bad himself. This was about two years ago at the Asbury tattoo convention or something.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

here goes

I suck at blooging, and computers in general. I used to make mix tapes, but the technology got too advanced. This has taken way too long, all this uploading and naming shits and what not. Well here it is, the reason I'm writing this to myself; my favorite 7", SUICIDE PARTY. I've definitely heard this half a thousand times since last century's turn. I've never tried to learn it on guitar or whatever, maybe because I don't want to learn it's mortal. Done in one night, the day after Christmas '99, by two brothers at Smelly Cat Studios, Brooklyn. Here's Side A


I don't care

I used to write. Now I'm just trying to distract myself so I don't spend all day smoking this crazy-ass chronic. I'm so unproductive, it's sad. Or, it would be sad if I cared. I left New Jersey for the bright lights and tassels of Austin, TX. It's easy to get by down here working like 10-20 hours a week, which leaves a world of time for kayaking, skateboarding, BBQ-ing, gardening, or in my case, nothing. I spent my morning yesterday trying to win concert tickets off the radio. Then I got high and creeped around the Eastside in a car2go. Inspired by devildick, I shall start going through my records and attempt to post some witty shit about them. Once I DJ'd a Solace show at Asbury Lanes. When they were done playing and smashing shit, I played the Clockwork Orange theme. Have a nice life.